Certified Safety Manufacturing Heat Stress Responder Kit, Red Poly Case


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The Heat Stress Responder Kit is ideal for anyone working in the heat. It is essential for the fast treatment of someone suffering from a heat-related illness.


  • (4) Cold Packs
  • (1) Rescue Blanket
  • (4) Sqwincher Qwik Stik
  • (1) Forehead Thermometer
  • (1) Certi-Lyte Tablets – Electrolyte
  • (2) Certi-Tape – Spool

What to do:

  • Place one cold pack under each arm and two in the groin
  • Use the tape to secure the cold packs in place
  • Wrap the victim in the rescue blanket to treat symptoms of shock
  • Mix the iXL powder in cool water and give the victim a little at a time