Certified Safety Manufacturing Latex-Free Certified Safety Cprotector With 2 Pairs Nitrile Exam Gloves


Refill item for Certified Safety Deluxe Bloodborne Pathogen Kit (#900). Includes replacment (1) CPRotector and (2 pairs) Nitrile Exam Gloves.

  • Provides protection to the rescuer from victim's oral secretion, preventing unsafe mouth-to-mouth contact
  • One-way valve allows maximum amount of air to be sent to victim while preventing return of air or body fluids to rescuer
  • Valve tinted green for safety assurance
  • Tongue block also works as bite stick to prevent injury to patient
  • Soft vinyl, see-through face piece so victim can be seen better
  • High-density polypropylene remains soft and flexible to temperature of -101/2F
  • Single-use/ disposable
  • Two pairs latex exam gloves included