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CMC Rescue Escape Artist

CMC Rescue Escape Artist


UL Classified to NFPA 1983 - Escape - Patented

The Most Advanced Escape Descent Control Device Available

The Escape Artist is fast becoming the industry standard, thanks to its hands-free edge transition and optimal descent control. When evaluating descenders side by side, many departments prefer the Escape Artist to other alternatives. Intended to be pre-rigged on an escape line and kept ready for immediate use, the Escape Artist pays out the rope smoothly and then locks when loaded, leaving both hands free to negotiate the exit. Squeezing the lever controls the descent rate. Intended for the most extreme conditions, the Escape Artist features all-metal construction and minimal parts to ensure durability and reliable performance. The handle is located inside the side plates to reduce the potential of catching on an edge and to increase mechanical advantage for easier control. The unique design of the double-brake version ensures that if you squeeze the handle too hard, the Escape Artist will slow or stop your descent. The modified cam is designed to work with rope and CMC’s new FR Escape Web.

The Escape Artist uses a wrap-and-a-half of the rope around the cam to activate the auto-locking function. This simple,patented design provides fool(more...)