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CMC Rescue Nfpa Throwline, 8Mm

CMC Rescue Nfpa Throwline, 8Mm


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UL Classified to NFPA 1983 - Throwline Designed to meet the NFPA 1983 specification for a floating water rescue throwline, our NFPA Throwline, made with a Dyneema® core and polypropylene sheath, handles extremely well. The bright yellow color is highly visible. Available by the foot or 2,400-ft. spool.

NFPA 1983 Throwline Performance Requirements

Minimum breaking strength of not less than 13 kN (2,922 lbf.) Minimum diameter of 7 mm (7/64 in.) and a maximum diameter of 9.5 mm(3/8 in.) After a 24-hour immersion in water, the entire length of the throwline must float to the surface within one minute.

Throwlines: A Safe Choice
A throwline bag is the safest way to reach a subject in fast-moving or still water. It provides a downstream safety backup when rescuers must enter the water. Throw bags should be kept in patrol cars, ambulances, and other emergency response vehicles.