CMC Rescue Rigger'S Harness, Black

CMC Rescue Rigger'S Harness, Black


UL Classified to NFPA 1983 Class III and ANSI Z359.1

Many of the features requested by entertainment industry riggers have been incorporated into our Rigger’s Harness,making it excellent for all kinds of rope access work. New added shoulder pads provide comfort and ease of donning and doffing, while an integrated chest adjustment strap ensures vertical comfort as well. When loaded, the adjustable ANSI dorsal D-ring stays close to the back for maximum comfort and minimum neck pressure. The front waist D-ring allows a stable sitting position for rappels, and the ANSI sternal D-ring can be used for a front-mounted safety line when climbing towers or other structures. Side D-rings allow effective work positioning, and the front lift assembly accommodates a CROLL for ascending or the addition of a safety lanyard. The dark color minimizes visibility when working “behind the scenes,” while new subdued gray thread still allows contrast for inspection. Attachment points:front and side waist, sternal*, dorsal*.

* ANSI Fall Arrest attachment points