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Coaxsher Fc200 Cx Wildland Vent Brush Pants, Green

Coaxsher Fc200 Cx Wildland Vent Brush Pants, Green


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The new FC200 CX Wildland Fire Pants are the perfect balance between protection and comfort. Each feature in these wildland fire pants was specifically designed to battle against heat, sweat, and discomfort.
"Continue to Push the Boundaries", that's a statement you'll hear day in and day out in the Coaxsher R&D lab. After introducing the FC200 CX Wildland Vent Shirt in 2010 we pushed even further into 2011 with the NEW FC200 CX Wildland Fire Pants with "Xvent" technology.
The cut and fit of the new FC200 CX Wildland Vent Brush Pants are second to none and totally change Wildland PPE. With absolutely stellar fit, leg venting, knee articulation, and seamless crotch (less chafing!) these wildland fire pants keep you protected and comfortable all day long. Carefully thought out design patterns and articulated seams allow these wildland fire pants to move with you not against you. Whether you're on the fire line or at base camp you will appreciate these pants like no others.

  • Breathable: 'XVent' design provides air flow keeping your lower body cool.
  • Comfortable: Seamless crotch design minimizes chafing
  • Fit & Mobility: Articulated areas along with an aggressive cut provide excellent fit and mobility
  • Durable: Double reinforced in high-stress areas to take the abuse