Coolcop Inc. Body Armor Air Conditioning Device



Be comfortable in your body armor, even when it’s hot or humid. On a hot day, nothing is more uncomfortable than wearing a sweat-soaked T-shirt... AND your body armor. CoolCop™ gives you the relief you need. Just attach CoolCop™ to your vehicle’s A/C vent and it directs cool, dry air behind your vest, where you need it most.

  • Installs to any vent on the Ford Crown Victoria, Chevy Impala and most Ford SUVs and trucks
  • Fit also available for rear compartments with K9 or prisoner partitions
  • No more messy hook and loop fasteners: CoolCop™ dashboard attachment just snaps into your vehicle’s air conditioning vent in seconds
  • Soft vinyl vest attachment fits comfortably between your vest and undershirt
  • Once attached, cool air is delivered under your vest to keep you cool, dry and comfortable
  • Close the additional air vents as needed and adjust the temprature on the A/C unit
  • To uninstall from the dash, just squeeze the sides of the cup and remove
  • Not just for summer- CoolCop™ also works in the cold, freezing winter months to keep you warm when the heater can’t(more...)