Coolcop Coolk9 Dog Crate Cooling System

Coolcop Coolk9 Dog Crate Cooling System


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CoolK9 is a dog crate cooling system that installs in just a few minutes to a vehicle’s air conditioning vent and directs conditioned cool or warm air back to your 4-legged partner’s crate, wire kennel, carrier, barrier or police K9 enclosure. CoolK9 keeps dogs comfortable, safe and at top performance.

CoolK9 for the Crown Victoria or Charger or Taurus includes a snap-in dash cup, 6 feet of hose and a kennel cup that attaches to the outside of the dog's kennel. CoolK9 is easily interchangeable between vehicles.

CoolK9 Universal includes a dash cup with several vent clips to attach to a flush front or rear air conditioning vent of most vehicles including the Chevy Tahoe, 6 feet of hose and a kennel cup. (10-foot hose is also available) The Universal Dash Cup measures ½" x 3½".

According to a study done by a police K-9 unit, CoolK9 keeps the rear area of a police car at least 10 to 12 degrees cooler. Keep your K-9 safe and comfortable!

CoolK9 is your complete dog crate cooling system. CoolK9 works well with Hot-n-Pop or Hot Dog temperature alarms, dog crate cooling fans, K9 bulletproof vests or armor.