Coolcop Coolsoldier Military Armor Air Conditioning Device, Universal


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CoolSoldieris the answer to extreme weather and battlefield fatigue for today’s warfighter. Use CoolSoldier to cool down, or heat up, in a matter of minutes. CoolSoldier has a “Universal” mounting system attaches to almost any military vehicle air vent. CoolSoldier comes complete with a “universal” air vent attachment, 10 feet of hose and a gooseneck body armor attachment. CoolSoldier will reach the gunner position in a HumVee and disengages easily. CoolSoldier is currently in use by soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

CoolSoldier can also be used to cool or heat the passenger compartment of Armored Cars, Prisoner Transport vehicles, Vans, Campers or anywhere you need a low-cost additional air vent.

CoolSoldier is proudly Made in the USA!