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Copeland Engineering Top Hat Power Tamer


The Copeland Engineering TOP H.A.T. is the High (200) Amp enhanced version of the Copeland Power Tamer VS Timer. The TOP HAT eliminates dead batteries caused by forgotten electrical equipment such as data terminals and radios.

  • Self-contained unit
  • Voltage sensing and auto-ignition sensing options for relay activation
  • Programmable times ranging from 15 minutes to 16 hours
  • Low-voltage disconnect
  • Activates when the battery is at 10.5 volts for 15 seconds
  • Ignores voltage dips caused by turning on the light bar, engine starting, etc.
  • 2 monitoring L.E.D.s
  • Green L.E.D. monitors output voltage
  • Red L.E.D. flashes when power is first applied and during delay timing
  • Eliminates Monday morning battery service calls
  • Automatic power-off after a user-determined time
  • Extends battery life
  • Improves vehicle availability
  • Reduces or eliminates spare battery storage
  • Manufacturer's 2-Year Warranty