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Phoenix Magnum, 10-ft Spike Strip Tire-Deflation Device

Phoenix Magnum, 10-ft Spike Strip Tire-Deflation Device


Any vehicle, any tire type... one spike strip system. With Magnum Spike, every hit is a stop! Each 2.5"-long Spike in this spike strip is made of a rustproof metal alloy, with 3 sharp-cornered edges, ½" wide at the base. Equip your entire fleet with the ultimate weapon against high-speed chases!
  • Customer Testimonial: "We have used the Magnum Spike Strip at least 30 times with complete success in ending the pursuit without injuries or cars getting damaged. From our testing and experience, I can say the Magnum Spike is the best, it does the job every time regardless of vehicle size." - Sheriff Gary L. Miller, Wright County, MN
  • Designed to safely and swiftly end high-speed pursuits consistently within a predictable short distance
  • The Magnum Spike Strip TDD returns control to your officers, enabling them to manage extremely dangerous situations effectively, prevent property damage and safeguard the lives of law enforcement officers, innocent bystanders and the occupants of the pursued vehicle