CY Plastics Safety Flare Container For 12-30 Minute Flares


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Cylinder-shaped container with handle on side for easy use.  The description “FLARES” molded vertically on the side in raised letters. Molded from durable plastic that resists the wear & tear of tough use. Plastic screw cap included.

  • Capacity:  Holds twelve 30 - minute flares.  Optional brackets (sold separately) to secure container in place.  (can easily fit 10 flares (30 min.) with wire basket that folds down for tripod).
  • Color: Red                                           
  • Dimensions:5” diameter x 18” high                        
  • Approx. Weight:.9 LBS each                                                              
  • Applications: Essential for fire engines, rescue trucks, chief’s cars, ambulances, police cars, truck fleets and everywhere flares are used. Great way to keep flares dry!