Cyalume Technologies (10/Bx) 10" Lightstick Flare Alternative With Stand

Cyalume Technologies (10/Bx) 10" Lightstick Flare Alternative With Stand


10" SnapLight®

Why waste money and time on traditional flares? Traditional flares limit your capabilities in an emergency situation. The 10" flare Alternative lasts four times longer than a traditional flare, offering 360° of illumination visible up to 1 mile. Fits securely in a metal bipod stand to prevent rolling. Improve visibility during night-time road construction with 10” flare Alternatives when paired with a cone adapter and safety cone. Non-Combustible requiring No Permit for storage. Available in a variety of colors; providing 2 hours of illumination. Made in the USA

  • Simple to use: to activate, impact the tubular lightstick against a solid surface
  • Produces no heat or sparks, will not cause burns
  • Contains no toxic chemicals
  • Requires no batteries
  • 360° of illumination
  • 2-hour duration
  • Metal bi-pod leg with squeeze plastic tip included
  • Weatherproof lightsticks are waterproof and windproof
  • 100% maintenance-free
  • Visible up to one mile
  • Disposable light can be tossed in the trash after use - no haz-mat
  • 10" in length
  • Self-contained
  • 2-year shelf life