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Cyalume Technologies (25/Pk) Visipad Id & Marking Emitter

Cyalume Technologies (25/Pk) Visipad Id & Marking Emitter


VisiPad™ is a versatile and self-adhering chemical light emitter. Designed to maximize viewable surface area, VisiPad™ provides unique capabilities for Marking and Tracking, Identification Friend or Foe (IFF), and improving Command and Control during limited visibility.

Rectangular and flat, the VisiPad™ 10-Hour Visible weighs less than a traditional 6" ChemLight® and takes up less space with the same overall surface area. The Hook and Hole feature allows VisiPad™ to be hung from wires or monofilament.

Developed to minimize accidental activation, VisiPad™ can be kept in pockets or pouches in significant quantities for easy access and deployment.


  • Military-grade versatile chemical light is waterproof, flat, space saving, lightweight and non-toxic
  • Available in 10-Hour Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Orange
  • Available in 8-Hour Infrared (Sold to Law Enforcement & Military Only)
  • Self-adhesive backing
  • Easily marked with permanent marker for visible or(more...)