Cyalume Technologies (5/Pk) 15" Impact Lightstick

Cyalume Technologies (5/Pk) 15" Impact Lightstick


15" IMPACT® with 2 End Rings
The only lightstick that activates on impact providing instant illumination! When near gas or oil, or any combustible materials, the 15" IMPACT stick is a dependable source of emergency lighting that is safe for use in all environments. Recommended for confined space lighting, vehicle repairs, building searches, bundle drops, refuel/rearm sites, and hazard markers. Available in a variety of colors; providing up to 12 hours of illumination. A 5 minute Ultra-High intensity IMPACT lightstick is available in orange. A 15" Non-IMPACT lightstick is available.


Military Grade - Official Lightstick for the United States Military

Made in the USA