Def Tech First Defense Aerosol Projector, Mk-46H High-Volume .2% Mc Stream, 46-Oz.


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First Defense® is a complete line of aerosol projectors for duty issue or specialized assignment, utilizing an O.C. formula via stream, in target-specific or long-range deployments with a minimal likelihood of cross-contamination. The primary physical effect is visual. MK-46H High-Volume Stream, 46-oz.

  • .2% MC (white band) formulation is non-flammable and EDW (Electronic Discharge Weapon) safe
  • Allows you to take control and minimize the potential for injury
  • Fast take-down time provides needed time to restrain prisoner for transport
  • Non-vaporizing and non-lethal
  • Guaranteed to be non-flammable
  • 5-year shelf life
  • Size: 16-½"H x 4-¼"D