Dicke Roll-Up Stop/Slow Kit, 24"

Dicke Roll-Up Stop/Slow Kit, 24"


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Roll-up stop/slow paddles offer full size paddles in a compact, lightweight, and easy to store design. Available in 24" octagons and in a variety of reflective and non-reflective materials, these kits come complete with double sided roll-up sign face, three piece handle and storage bag.

  • Meets all MUTCD Specifications
  • Available in reflective SuperBright and non-reflective vinyl
  • Comes with our new ABS plastic 3-piece handle.
  • Kit comes with sign face, handle section and protective storage bag

Our new stop/slow handle is designed for durability and ease of use. Heavy duty ABS plastic tube and socket connectors with locking spring buttons make deployment and take-down a snap. Handles feature flat facets front and back which aid the user in determining the sign's orientation, minimizing the amount of time their attention is away from traffic. A thick rounded bottom cap protects the handle from wear while making the unit easy to rotate.