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Dynarex Oral Airways Kit, Berman Type

Dynarex Oral Airways Kit, Berman Type


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The Dynarex Oral Airways Kit (Berman Type) comes with six different oral airways, all made of polypropylene (PP).  These disposable airways provide superior performance with reinforced bite block; preventing the collapse of the airway.  The smooth, non-brittle finish allows for flexibility, permitting easy insertion without danger of breaking when distorted.

Unique perforated midway openings assure ventilating channel and allow access of a suction catheter, even if airway shifts or is partially occluded, permitting removal of secretions at a faster rate.

Each kit contains:

  • 40mm, Infant Pink
  • 60mm, Child Black
  • 80mm, Small Green
  • 90mm, Medium Yellow
  • 100mm, Large Red
  • 110mm, X-Large Orange

Please note:  Dynarex has upgraded the Berman Type Oral Airway Kit to color-coded oral airway sizes.  Some inventory of airways from the vendor may continue to come in the standard clear color (while supplies last).