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Earhugger Safety S-Series Earbud Earpiece


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When the communication is meant for your ears only, you need to hear it clearly. That’s the time to use Earhugger’s S-Series Earpiece. You can depend on the earpiece to stay on and stay comfortable in your ear – so comfortable you may even forget it’s there.

Choose the short cable (14") to connect the earpiece to your Speaker Microphone (RSM) on your shoulder or chest.

Choose the long cable (40") to connect the earpiece to your radio, receiver, cell phone or other device located on your belt or in your pocket.


  • 2.5mm Angled Audio Plug
  • Durable Strain Relief
  • Clothing Clip
  • Earhugger Over-Ear Frame
  • Speaker-Style Earbud
  • Silicone Cushion-Ring