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Eyeking Ua Core Eyewear

Eyeking Ua Core Eyewear


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The ultimate sport sunglass. Built strong for any sport, UA Core enhances your performance on the course or the diamond. UA’s Three-Point Grip and adjustable nosepad adds layers of comfort to ensure a premium custom fit. UA Core’s Adjustable Core Technology allows the temples of the sunglass to be adjusted on the cap, below the cap or around the wearer’s ear for a supreme custom fit. UA Core’s exclusive cap gripper allows a secure fit when worn upside down on your cap.


  • Armourfusion™ Frame
  • Armoursight® Lens Technology
  • Multiflection™ Lenses
  • Three-point Grip
  • Adjustable Nosepad
  • Cushioned Hinge
  • Air Flow Technology
  • Adjustable Temples
  • Cap Gripper


  • Lightweight, Strong, Inherent Memory
  • Up to 20% Enhanced Vision Edge to Edge; Up to 10 Times Stronger Than Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Layers of Protection Guarding Against Scratches and Smudges, and is Easy to Clean
  • Ensures a Comfortable and Secure Fit
  • Nosepad Can Be Adjusted for a Custom Fit
  • Hinge Impact Zone Absorbs Shock and Ensures a Customized Fit
  • Air Flow Directed Through the Lens to Keep the Wear(more...)