Federal Signal 12V Low Frequency Tone Siren Amp, Hardware Kit Only Brackets Sold Separately

Federal Signal 12V Low Frequency Tone Siren Amp, Hardware Kit Only Brackets Sold Separately


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The Rumbler is a revolutionary new concept to audible warning. Rumbler is an intersection traffic clearing system interacts with most 100/200-watt siren amplifiers to provide secondary, low-frequency tones. Low-frequency tones have the distinct advantage of penetrating solid materials allowing vehicle operators and nearby pedestrians to FEEL the sound waves.

Please note vehicle Year, Make and Model in check out.

The Rumbler is particularly effective when used in dense urban environments with heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

  • Intersection clearing system
  • Upgrades user safety and siren effectiveness
  • Can be used with most available siren products
  • Vibrating tones provide feel with emergency warning sound
  • Mounting brackets available for late model Crown Victorias and Chevrolet Tahoes
  • Ideal for use in highly populated urban environments

Technical Specs and Approvals

  • Input Voltage: 9-15 VDC
  • Input Current: Operating 12A max
  • Polarity: Negative ground only
  • Standby Current: omA nominal
  • Operating Temperature: -30C to +65C
  • Frequency Ranges: 182 to 400 Hz
  • Output Voltage: 64VDC (nominal) peak-to-peak
  • Output Power: 80W
  • Dimensions (H x L x D):
    • Amplifier - 1.3 in (3.5 cm) x 6.3 in (15.6 cm) x 5.7 in (14.5 cm)
    • Pair of Woofers - 8.5 in (21.6 cm) x 7.3 in (18.4 cm)
    • Timer - 1.4 in (3.6 cm) x 6.5 in (16.5 cm) x 2.9 in (7.4 cm)
  • Ship Weight: 19.0 lbs (8.62 kg)

Audible Equipment may produce LOUD sounds necessary to request the right-of-way. Audible equipment may cause hearing damage. Wear hearing protection. Refer to the Installation Manual or call 800/433-9132 for further instructions.

Important Warning for Police Boats and Fire Rescue Boats

It has come to our attention that police boat and fire rescue boat sirens and speakers may subject persons operating those craft to sound pressure levels that can cause permanent hearing loss. We recommend that speakers be located as far forward on the boat as possible, as recommended in the SAE Recommended Practice J1849 "Emergency Vehicle Sirens". However, unprotected exposures of a sufficient duration to properly located siren speakers can still create a risk of hearing loss.

It is our recommendation that your siren speakers should be relocated and persons operating these craft should wear hearing protection when using the siren system.

Failure to comply with these recommendations may result in temporary or permanent hearing loss to operators and passengers of these vehicles.

Brackets Sold Separately.