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Federal Signal E-Q2B® Electronic Siren With Amplifier

Federal Signal E-Q2B® Electronic Siren With Amplifier


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Federal Signal has completely redesigned the e-Q2B® electronic siren to incorporate a 200-watt Class D audio amplifier for increased reliability, smaller footprint, additional feature set and ever lower amp draw. The newly engineered keypad features backlit membrane switches and large rubberized knobs making it easy to use. The e-Q2B® combines Digital Signal Processing to accurately reproduce the distinctive trademark sound of the Q-Siren, with a current draw of only 20 amps.
In addition, the redesigned e-Q2B® is compatible with the Federal Signal Rumbler Intersection Clearing System.

  • Traditional Q-Siren wail, yelp, airhorn, PA, and radio rebroadcast, park kill input and horn ring input.
  • Requires (1) 200-watt speaker or (2) 100-speakers to complete the 200-watt system of the e-Q2B. Speakers are not included with this siren!
  • Current draw of 20 amps makes the system ideal for large apparatus, ambulance applications and command vehicles. 
  • Redesigned for increased reliability and improved functionality
  • Features the traditional trademarked Q-Siren sound
  • New keypad features backlit membrane switches with tactile feel
  • New easy-to-read external diagnostics