Federal Signal Legend 45" Lightbar

Federal Signal Legend 45" Lightbar


Blue/Blue w/2 Ambers to the Rear
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Legend is not your typical linear lightbar and is engineered with the latest lighting technology. This low-profile lightbar is fully populated with powerful LEDs and combined with the Solaris® LED reflector technology to provide 360-degrees of coverage and excellent off-axis light output.

Legend utilizes the patented ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry™)technology for solid-state construction. ROC eliminates 85% of potential failure point found in a typical lightbar. This rugged design is engineered to reduce repair costs and increase the hours your emergency vehicle stays on the road.

This LED lightbar is fully-featured with adjustable alley and takedown lights, front and rear cut-off and a dimming feature to reduce light output while the vehicle is stationary. With Federal Signal's patented HotFoot™, the Legend offers additional LED light modules mounted in the foot of the lightbar.

  • Low-profile, linear LED lightbar
  • Optimized Solaris LED reflectors maximize warning lights at 360-degrees and 90-degrees off-axis
  • Patented ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry) eliminates approximately 85% of the potential failure points
  • Ultra-bright White LED takedowns and alleys available in main bar or HotFoot
  • FS Convergence Network provides "plug-n-play" installation
  • Lightbar can be reconfigured on the vehicle
  • Optional built-in SignalMaster™ directional warning
  • RS485 bus connection simplifies installation with only power, ground, and snap-in RJ-style connection
  • Three-button and six-button serial controller available for light control only