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Federal Signal Pa640 Series 100W Siren W/ Programmable Slide Switch & Light Control

Federal Signal Pa640 Series 100W Siren W/ Programmable Slide Switch & Light Control


Crystal-controlled microprocessors, integrated circuits, and silicon-based output transistors work together to make the PA640 the most reliable, most versatile totally enclosed siren/light controller available. Years of design and manufacturing experience has allowed Federal Signal to incorporate the most desired features along with advanced electronics into one affordable and compact siren package.
  • Internally programmable tones, switch functions and relay outputs
  • Backlit and rubberized relay push button switches
  • Scrolling Tap II intersection clearing feature
  • Full-featured electronic siren with separate push buttons for light control, PA and Air Horn
  • Rotary PA/Volume control knob
  • Wail, Yelp, Priority or Hi-Lo, Manual Peak-and-Hold, and Air Horn, are all standard tones and can be enabled by a heavy-duty 5-position rotary switch
  • Park-Siren Deactivation is built into the PA640 PC board, and is automatically activated once the vehicle transmission is shifted into Park
  • Horn Ring Transfer (HRT) function:
  • Allows siren and light step-through control and delivers effective traffic management, using the steering wheel horn ring
  • Horn Ring and siren tones are factory set to be dependent on the slide switch position
  • Slide switch positions Off, 1 and 2: HRT is not transferred (Horn Ring operates the vehicle horn)
  • Slide Switch position 3: HRT is transferred and will scroll through tones starting with tone chosen on selector switch
  • 100-watt output and 80-amp total switching capacity
  • 6 backlit rubber membrane auxiliary relay push button switches
  • 4-position high-current slide switch
  • Advanced crystal controlled microprocessor technology
  • Approvals: Meets Class A and SAE J1849 sound output requirements (when paired with any Federal Signal high-output speaker)
  • S.A.E. J1849 / July -02 compliant
  • CCR (CAC) Title 13 Class A
  • Reversed polarity and "dynamic" short circuit protection
  • Dimensions: 6.8"W x 3"L x 7.75"D
  • Power: 100W
  • Current Draw: 9.25 amps (at 13.6V with 11-0hm load, amplifier in wail)
  • Voltage Output (approx.) 64V peak-to-peak
  • Standby Current:
  • Ignition Off: 0mA
  • Ignition On: 150mA
  • Slide Switch Outputs
  • Mode 1 (30A)
  • Mode 2 (30A)
  • Mode 3 (30A), (40A combined total)
  • Push-Button Switch Outputs: 20A each
  • Selector Switch Functions
  • RADIO: Incoming radio messages are amplified by the siren and rebroadcast over the outside speaker
  • MANUAL: Allows siren operation via the Air Horn or Manual push button switches or through the vehicle's horn ring if the HRT function is enabled
  • WAIL: Produces continuous "wailing" sound
  • YELP: Produces a continuous and rapid "warbled" tone
  • PRIORITY: Produces a continuous and extremely rapid "warbled" tone
  • Includes mounting bracket and hard-wired microphone
  • Can operate from any 12-volt negative ground electrical system and be powered through a Federal Signal Power Distribution Center, or directly from the vehicle battery
  • 9 onboard relays are used to deliver 80 amperes of total switching capacity and can control primary, secondary, take down, alley, and auxiliary lighting circuits
  • 2 built-in flasher circuits included
  • Advanced "dynamic" short circuit protection and allows the installer to easily change switch functions via internal programming
  • Input Voltage: 11VDC to 16 VDC
  • Operating Temperature -30?C to +65?C
  • Weight: 6 lbs. (2.7 kg)