Federal Signal Pursuit Prevention Device Rat Trap Ii, Pocket-Size, 1/4 Diameter Spikes


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The Rat Trap like a suspect might try to flee ™ II is a small, pocket size tire deflator that is designed to prevent stationary vehicles from fleeing. Deflates tires safely in 5 seconds or less. Small, Quick and Easy Remove the Rat Trap II from your shirt pocket, open it, and place it under the suspect's non-drive tire. If the suspect attempts to flee, the Rat Trap II will quickly deflate the tire. In moments, the slower speed of the vehicle will force the suspect to stop. Once the Rat Trap II unit is deployed, simply replace the spikes in the unit.

Ship Weight

  • 3.0 oz (84 g)

Physical Specifications

  • Length 4.0 in (10.2 cm)
  • Width 2.2 in (5.6 cm)
  • Height 0.9 in (2.3 cm)


  • Prevents pursuits.
  • Lowers costs.
  • Reduces liability.
  • Fits in shirt pocket.
  • Always ready for use.


  • Warrant service
  • Stolen vehicle surveillance
  • SWAT operations
  • Any time that an officer feels like a suspect might try to flee