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Federal Signal Quadraflare Led, 6X4, Clear Lens

Federal Signal Quadraflare Led, 6X4, Clear Lens


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Federal Signal QuadraFlare LED lights are designed with the Solaris® LED reflector technology for superior off-axis lighting. These LED exterior lights are engineered to surpass NFPA and GSA Triple-K specifications for upper and lower level requirements and carry a five-year LED warranty.

QuadraFlares are available in 6x4, 7x3, and 9x7 standard models. Therefore, no special die-cut is required for the body of your fire truck or ambulance. Models are available with an optional chrome-plated trim bezel for a traditional finish. All models include a built-in flasher featuring a variety of selectable patterns. In addition, the 9x7 models feature unique Quad-X patterns for the attention-getting warning. Note: no trim bezel is included with the light.

Five Pattern Arrangements In One Model!
QuadraFlare LED perimeter lights to contain a built-in flasher and may be used with an external flasher or multiplex system by using a “steady on” pattern. Solaris reflectors and our unique software configuration provide a variety of flash patterns and functionality. The unique quad reflector design allows for horizontal, vertical and our unique X-Quad flash patterns.

  • Steady On
  • Full Flash
  • Vertical Flash