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Federal Signal Smartsiren Platinum, 100/200W, Diagnostic And Full Featured Light & Siren Controller Including Signal Master & Microphone

Federal Signal Smartsiren Platinum, 100/200W, Diagnostic And Full Featured Light & Siren Controller Including Signal Master & Microphone


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Federal Signal's SmartSiren® Platinum consists of a rugged, designed control head, re-defined amplifier-relay unit and the exclusive FS Convergence Network for quick, easy "plug-and-play" serial communication.

The intuitively engineered SmartSiren Platinum control head employs heavy-duty, rubberized, backlit push-buttons and a three-position slide switch for quick activation and "at a glance"command and control. A newly added PC interface enables installers to clone an entire fleet by simply connecting the SmartSiren control head directly to a PC and downloading programmed software directly from one unit to another.

The SmartSiren Platinum's amplifier employs built-in diagnostics to replicate power supplied to the vehicle's control system indicating Signal Master functionality, lightbar and siren operations, and data transmission. The control system's LEDs illuminate outputs to signal the status of individual lights, sirens, and other auxiliary equipment.

The unique FS Convergence Network simplifies the lightbar's installation with a single "plug-and-play" connection from the lightbar to the controller and amplifier. With a commitment to intuitive engineering, serial communication and easy access to auxiliary inputs/outputs are found on the rear of the amplifier simplifying installation of the vehicle's control system. Six convenient serial ports plus 14 auxiliary relay outputs and four auxiliary inputs are also located at the rear of the amplifier.
  • FS Convergence Network compatible
  • Simple Windows® based programming
  • Total system diagnostics
  • Provides serial communication to all ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry™) technology
  • Fourteen discrete and programmable outputs for non-serial products
  • Four auxiliary inputs
  • Locking, rugged power connectors
  • Familiar and functional control head design

Technical Specs and Approvals

  • Input Voltage: 11-16 VDC
  • Operating Temperature: -30?C to +65?C relays at full power -30?C to 80?C, relay power 60%
  • Standby Draw: less than .5 amps
  • Dimensions (H x W x L):
    • Amplifier - 4.4 in x 7.9 in x 7.6 in (11.2 cm x 20.2 cm x 19.3 cm)
    • Control Head - 3.2 in x 1.6 in x 6.8 in (8.3 cm x 4.1 cm x 17.3 cm)
Audible Equipment may produce LOUD sounds necessary to request the right-of-way. Audible equipment may cause hearing damage. Wear hearing protection. Refer to the Installation Manual or call 800/433-9132 for further instructions.

Important Warning for Police Boats and Fire Rescue Boats

It has come to our attention that police boat and fire rescue boat sirens and speakers may subject persons operating those craft to sound pressure levels that can cause permanent hearing loss. We recommend that speakers be located as far forward on the boat as possible, as recommended in the SAE Recommended Practice J1849 "Emergency Vehicle Sirens". However, unprotected exposures of a sufficient duration to properly located siren speakers can still create a risk of hearing loss.

It is our recommendation that your siren speakers should be relocated and persons operating these craft should wear hearing protection when using the siren system.

Failure to comply with these recommendations may result in temporary or permanent hearing loss to operators and passengers of these vehicles.