Federal Signal Smartsiren Platinum, 100W Programmable

Federal Signal Smartsiren Platinum, 100W Programmable


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  • Programmable siren/light controller with remote-mount amplifier and noise-cancelling microphone
  • FS Convergence Network
  • Siren tones – wail, yelp, hi/lo, and priority
  • Public Address (PA) and Air Horn
  • Four ports for serial communication devices
  • Configuration programs can be stored, extracted, and modified for ease of service and re-use
  • Ethernet port on control head for programming, allows programming to be done outside the vehicle without the amplifier
  • Can be used with SWM Interceptor Switch Modules for integration with Ford Steering Wheel Switches
  • Manufactured in University Park, IL USA
  • Same physical dimensions as SSP3000
  • Voltage, current, operating temperature, and most other system specifications same as SSP3000
  • Same microphone and control head as SSP3000