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FLIR Monocular Handheld, Hs-324 Command Series, 19Mm Lens, 30Hz

FLIR Monocular Handheld, Hs-324 Command Series, 19Mm Lens, 30Hz


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The FLIR H-Series HS-324 Command thermal imaging camera delivers images and video that torments suspects and keeps officers safe. Being able to see clearly in total darkness enhances mission effectiveness, maximizes operational capabilities, and improves officer safety. With a variety of lens options and onboard image storage and video capture capabilities, H-Series is a potent thermal imaging package for:

  • K-9 operations
  • Limited response calls
  • Daily patrol
  • Reconnaissance & surveillance ops

Using a 320 x 240 thermal imaging core, H-Series provides four times the image clarity and detail of earlier systems, allowing officers to see more of their surroundings than any other night vision technology in the world. FLIR’s advanced image-processing algorithms produce, crisp, clear thermal video day and night, in good weather and bad. The H-Series also allows officers to:

See suspects in total darkness

  • See through smoke, dust, and light fog
  • See through camouflage and foliage in any lighting conditions
  • See more – and see farther – than with other low-light night vision goggles and cameras.

Best of all, H-Series is the first personal thermal imaging camera affordable enough to give every officer on the job the unsurpassed tactical advantages of full-resolution thermal imaging night vision. Flashlights only illuminate a small area, plus they give away your position. H-Series let you see clearly in total darkness while staying covert. Image intensified night vision scopes can’t help you see things that are camouflaged or that have low visible contrast. H-Series cameras don’t saddle you with any of these limitations.