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Forensics Source (100/Pk) Lightning Powder Evidence Security Bags

Forensics Source (100/Pk) Lightning Powder Evidence Security Bags


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Protect and maintain the chain-of-custody with plastic, tear- and puncture-resistant Lightning Evidence Security Bags. Tamper-proof design discourages unauthorized entry.

  • Tamper-evident designs indicate if the evidence is still secure
  • Leak-proof
  • Made of .4 mil thick, tear-and-puncture-resistant plastic
  • Adhesive closure is extremely strong and there are printed lines on top of the blue band – if anyone tries to open the bag by pulling on the glue band, the lines will distort
  • Curly border lines all around the other three sides – if someone cuts one of these sides and tries to heat seal it again, the curly border lines will show tampering by being shortened or distorted
  • Each bag has a chain-of-custody/evidence label printed on it in blue lines on a white background. By being printed directly on the bag, there is no need for a stapled-on tag which may fall off or be torn off
  • Easy to write on the bag with a ball-point pen
  • Most of the front panel is covered with the white label to provide plenty of writing space, but you can still see the evidence clearly through the back of the bag
  • Tear-off edge of the bag and the bag itself have matching serialized control numbers
  • The top edge is perforated and has a matching control number
  • The top edge can be removed by the person sealing the bag and kept as a receipt.
  • The tear-off receipt also includes an area to write information pertaining to the evidence.