Forensics Source Blood/Body Fluid Stain Collection Kit

Forensics Source Blood/Body Fluid Stain Collection Kit


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For crime scenes where you need to collect biological stains for evidence. Lightning Kit has been developed for the collection of wet or dry stains on surfaces that are not easily transportable to the crime laboratory for analysis, such as walls, doors floors, window frames, etc.

  • If the stain is on clothing, bed sheets, couch cushions or items which can be transported, check with your crime laboratory before you decide whether to do the stain collection yourself or to collect the whole object (more than likely, you will be required to submit the entire article for analysis)
  • Collection kit contains:
  • Rubber gloves
  • (1) Vial of distilled water
  • (5) Envelopes containing two cotton swabs each
  • (5) Swab envelopes
  • (5) Swab boxes
  • Also contains complete instructions for collecting dried stains and wet stains
  • Seal for the closing box
  • Box meets the United States Postal Service standards for mailing biological samples