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Forensics Source Lightning Latent Print Powder

Forensics Source Lightning Latent Print Powder


Black Magnetic
White Magnetic
Silver/Gray Magnetic
Bi-Chromatic Magnetic
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Lightning Delta Latent print powders adhere to surfaces well and reproduce clearly.

  • First developed in 1936, Lightning® latent print powders can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including glass, paint or varnish, some plastics, untreated metal, smooth untreated wood, and wax. Noted for its coal-black hue and its ability to adhere to the latent print, but not to the background surface.
  • The heavy powder will not float and "dust" the technician
  • The Original" powder is recommended for all general dusting situations
  • Buying tip: We recommend buying the more economical 16-ounce jar and refilling the smaller 90 cc jars, for ease of use. The 90 cc jars have an extra-wide mouth, so it is easy to insert your brush into the jar without spilling powder
  • Powder Colors: Black, White, Bi-Chromatic, Silver/Gray, Magnetic Black, Magnetic Silver/Gray, Magnetic White, Magnetic Bi-Chromatic
  • Sizes: 1 oz., 2 oz., 3 oz., 16 oz.
  • About White powder:
  • Use a dedicated Zephyr® Fiberglass Brush for white powder to avoid contamination from other colors of powder
  • Dust the surface and lift the print with (more...)