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Forensics Source Nik Porta-Pak Narcotics Id Kit

Forensics Source Nik Porta-Pak Narcotics Id Kit


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No measuring, no mixing, no dispensing. This "mini-laboratory" NIK Porta-Pak Narcotics Identification Kit enables the investigator to rapidly screen and presumptively identify 30 controlled substances. Self-contained unit provides all the necessary elements to perform color reactive chemical tests for commonly known and most frequently abused narcotic and dangerous drugs.

  • 20-test pack allows full use of Polytesting System
  • Each disposable test pack is color-coded for easy visual identification and contains the chemical required to perform the desired test in a pre-filled, hermetically sealed glass ampoule: this eliminates the need for measuring, mixing and dispensing reagents while affording maximum protection to the user
  • Every test pack within a single test series is chemically identical so the results are 100% repeatable for any suspect substance
  • Presumptively identifies 30 controlled substances:
  • Amphetamines LSD
  • Barbituates Marijuana
  • Benactyzine Mescaline
  • Brown Heroin Methamphetamine
  • Cocaine/Crack Methadone
  • Free-Base Methadrine
  • Codeine Morphine
  • Demerol MDA
  • Diazepam (Valium) Pentazocine (Talwin)
  • DMT Psilocybin
  • Ephedrine Propoxyphene
  • Hash Oil
  • Hashish STP
  • Heroin THC
  • TMA
  • Notebook size will fit most briefcases and zip briefs
  • Includes 2 each of tests A through G and J, K, L, U
  • 4 pouches acid neutralizer (F)
  • Polytesting Instruction Manual
  • Report pad
  • Identidrug Chart