Forensics Source Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit, Victim


This Lightning sexual assault kit is organized in a step-by-step manner, and the instruction sheet explains in detail each step of the collection procedure. Components needed for each step are provided in separate, numbered envelopes.

  • Step 1, Authorization for collection and release of evidence and information form
  • Step 2, Medical history and assault information form
  • Step 3, (1) 20" x 30" white paper sheet, (2) outer clothing bags and (1) panties bag
  • Step 4, Debris collection for nail scraping
  • Step 5, Towel and comb for pubic hair combing
  • Step 6, Envelope for pulled pubic hairs
  • Step 7, Slides, swabs and boxes for vaginal swabs and smear
  • Step 8, Slide, swabs and boxes for rectal swabs and smear
  • Step 9, Slide, swabs and boxes for oral swabs and smear
  • Step 10, Envelope for pulled head hairs
  • Step 11, Paper disk and envelope for saliva sample
  • Step 12, (2) blood vials for known blood sample collection
  • Step 13, Anatomical drawings chart