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Forensics Source The Original Zephyr Fingerprint Brush

Forensics Source The Original Zephyr Fingerprint Brush


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The Lightning Zephyr® brush is, without question, the finest brush ever developed for use in applying latent print powder to dust for latent fingerprints. Since 1956, the Zephyr® brush is the ORIGINAL and still the best fiberglass fingerprint dusting brush available.

  • Long life
  • Fiberglass
  • No coarse fibers
  • No natural oils
  • Becomes softer with use
  • Will outwear regular fingerprint brushes many times over
  • 6½"-long brush consists of thousands of fiber bundles, each being composed of over a hundred individual treated-glass filaments
  • Diameter of glass filaments is a fraction of the diameter of regular hair fibers used in other fingerprint brushes, resulting in a brush with unsurpassed working qualities
  • Greater capacity to pick up and retain large amounts of fingerprint powder
  • Use one Zephyr® brush for black powder and one for silver/gray powder
  • Zephyr® is a registered trademark of the Zephyr Brush Company