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FoxFury Hhc (Head/Helmet/Chest) Mounted Light

FoxFury Hhc (Head/Helmet/Chest) Mounted Light


This versatile unit provides 6 different light modes with four different light colors. 1 white,1 red, 1 blue & 2 IR lights each have solid 100%, 80%, 50% or 20% intensities. Blinking modes serve to identify friend or foe (IFF). Plus, each color retains its mode in memory. Lumen output and runtime outperform any other on the market, making this HHC light the ideal solution for general purpose, close-up illumination or low-signature tasks.

Focused and panoramic IR illumination also has IR Lock Function that prevents the operator from engaging visible light LEDs during ops in order to safely maintain covert activity.

Multiple wear options. HHC comes with C-Clamp, Helmet Mount, Molle Mount, Headlamp Mount and Elastic Strap.

Can be run by 1 AA or 1 CR123 battery.

Rugged. Durable. Waterproof.


  • Max Output: 82 lumens
  • Battery Life: 4-18 hours
  • Battery Type: 1x AA or 1x CR123 battery
  • Warranty: 24 months from FoxFury