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Gamber-Johnson Kit, Ford Utility Interceptor 2013

Gamber-Johnson Kit, Ford Utility Interceptor 2013


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Pedestal System Vehicle Solution Package: Ford Utility Police Interceptor (2012-2013)

  • Vehicle Base (Item No. 7160-0350): Vehicle Base is a no-drill solution and attaches to the passenger side seat studs. Designed using heavy gauge steel for long-term durability.
  • Lower Tube (Item No. DS-LOWER-9): The Lower Tube provides vertical clearance over the center console or the seat.
  • Upper Pole (Item No. 7160-0178): Center Upper Pole allows for closer mounting to the dash and less stress on the vehicle mounting equipment as gravity is centered on the pole. A wrench is needed for loosening, tightening or height adjustment.
  • 9” Locking Slide Arm - Mongoose (Item No. 7160-0220): Locking Slide Arm can rotate around 360° with locking points every 15°. Slide Arm can extend out from 9” to 13” from center pole and locks automatically in the retracted 9” position. Motion Attachment has tilt capabilities up to 90° forward and can be swiveled up to 360°.
  • Support Brace (Item No. 7160-0230): Support Brace provides additional mount system support in rugged driving conditions and increases mounting system rigidity.
  • Must order package as is. There are no substitutions.