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Go Rhino! Molded Rear Prisoner Seats

Go Rhino! Molded Rear Prisoner Seats


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  • Easy to install
  • Perfect fit – no gaps or spaces to hide contraband
  • Patented recessed prisoner arm-restraining channels
  • Constructed from TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin), one of the toughest, durable and most comfortable plastics on the market today
  • Ultra-resilient and resistant to chemicals, UV rays, cracking or becoming brittle
  • Seat belts meet all SAE and FMVSS standards with patented Pro-Straint grip handle
  • Sleek form-fitting trim lines do not require any fillers, gaskets or spacers
  • AEDEC’s innovative designs have been imitated throughout the industry
  • Includes trunk close-out panel, standard with seat


  • Superior Officer safety
  • Allows easier load and unload of prisoners
  • Low profile that allows the most head and leg room
  • Comfortable seats that lead to a more cooperative prisoner
  • Limited liability Warranty from GoRhino

Seats are available in Center belt or Factory Belt