Hammerhead Industries Mini Gear Keeper Flashlight/Tool Package


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Gear Keeper securely mounts to turnout, belt or air pack harness. Your flashlight is always conveniently placed, easy to grab and ready to use. Pin or Snap-clip mount.

  • Recommended lights include:
  • (4-AA to 2-C)
  • Pelican Stealth
  • Streamlight 4-AA
  • Princeton Tec-40
  • Avoids loss of flashlight
  • Side Release System allows gear to be easily connected or disconnected
  • Typically, the pin-mount Gear Keeper is used in one of the following manners:
  • Mount Gear Keeper (Pin Mount) inside a pocket. Store the light in the pocket when not in use, hang the light out of the pocket while it is being used
  • Mount Gear Keeper to a flashlight tab in the Chest area. Light dangles when not in use
  • Mount Gear Keeper to a belt next to a holster. Use the Side Release Lanyard to allow the light to be stored in a holster when not in use