Hatch Tsk324 Task Medium Glove, Black

Hatch Tsk324 Task Medium Glove, Black


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The TSK324 Task Medium Glove is a multi-purpose glove designed specifically for law enforcement and light tactical military purposes. Simple pattern, lightweight, yet durable materials, and cut from a golf glove pattern for a snug fit that benefits users who are in need of a good utility glove that provides maximum dexterity for weapons manipulation, pat downs, handling small objects such as handcuff keys, etc. With the touchscreen technology embedded into the materials themselves, there are no extra stitches or seams along the pads of the fingers where dexterity is most important to the officer to be able to feel objects on an individual when doing a pat down or for proper trigger control.

  • Durable synthetic palm with touchscreen capabilities in all fingers
  • Soft and lightweight, breathable stretch material on back of hand
  • Reinforced fingertips