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Hatch Tsk329 Task Heavy Soghk Glove, Black

Hatch Tsk329 Task Heavy Soghk Glove, Black


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The TSK329 Task Heavy SOGHK Glove is designed for SWAT and military applications. The Nomex® material is beneficial to those throwing flash bangs or in need of some flash and fire protection. The hard knuckles can be very aggressive for protection where high-speed bumping can occur. The knuckles are designed to articulate with the hand so the protection is where you need it whether your hand is open or closed. It also does not pull on the fingertips when moving the hand.

  • Heavy duty Nomex® and goatskin leather construction
  • Hinged hard knuckle for shock absorption and maximum dexterity
  • Patented Z-pattern palm reinforcement with EVA foam shock absorption