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Havis Printer Mount Assembly

Havis Printer Mount Assembly


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Printer Mount Assembly

For HP:

  • Printer mount assembly for HP OfficeJet 100 mobile printer Series L411
  • Slotted design allows universal mount
  • Includes paper support arms

For Brother RuggedJet (4" Printer) model RJ-4030

  • Printer mount assembly for Brother ruggedjet (4" printer) Model RJ-4030
  • Universal design mounts to most flat surfaces
  • Easy access to control switches and paper replacement
  • Includes strain relief for wiring
  • Printer is simply attached to mount bracket with clamp plate and two screws
  • Overall size of mount with printer = 7.25" wide x 4" high x 7.5" long (8.5" long with card swipe reader)
  • Mount hole pattern = 1.5" x 4.125"