Havis Telescoping Pole, Heavy Duty Mount


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The Havis Heavy Duty Mount is a rugged, professional grade computer mount that combines the perfect balance of strength, safety, and ultrasmooth operation worthy of your most mission critical computer devices.

  • Heavy Duty Mounts are stout: Heavy gauge steel poles, welded, rigid seat bases along with its universal support arms virtually eliminate wobble and vibration that can make reading difficult.
  • Heavy Duty Mounts are safe: A standard stop collar allows the installer to adjust the height and limit the computer from telescoping below desired height. Order the optional top lock and the entire rotation can be positively locked in place to prevent the unit from spinning in a collision or air bag deployment.
  • Heavy Duty Mounts are smooth. Designed with a unique precision machined aluminum clamp and lever along with a PVC split sleeve for no metal-to-metal contact when adjusting the pole. All moving parts have a glossy, ultra smooth e-coat finish which further reduces friction. Order the optional “lift assist” gas shock kit that you can drop in the pole assembly and the Heavy Duty Mount will help you do the lifting and prevents the heavy equipment from slamming down.

C-HDM-202 - 8.5" Heavy Duty Telescoping Pole, Short Handle(more...)