Hot Shield USA Hs-2 Wildland Face Protector Mask

Hot Shield USA Hs-2 Wildland Face Protector Mask


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The HS-2 from Hot Shield is a Wildland Face Protector Mask made of CarbonX fabric, the only inherently non-flammable fabric in the world that withstands over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The HS-2 mask is a multiple layer, fabric face mask designed to protect major portions of the face & neck from heat, flame & burning embers while also providing a measure of respiratory relief. It features an integral filter pocket that accepts any low level N-95 particulate respirator filter. (2 filters included) It fastens behind the neck and can hang below the face until ready to deploy. Mask has been third-party tested to achieve an RPP rating of 11 cam/cm² and a TPP rating of 10 cal/cm².


  • CarbonX Fabric
  • Integral Filter Pocket
  • Fastens behind neck
  • Can Be Laundered or Washed by Hand
  • Inexpensive Filter Replacement
  • Reflective Trim for Nighttime Visibility
  • One Size Fits All
  • Packaged With Two Activated Carbon Low-Level N-95 Filters