Keson Industries 100' Closed Case Fiberglass Tape Measure, Measures Feet, Inches, 1/8


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Fiberglass tapes have superior accuracy and greater tensile strength. This 100' tape is made of non-conducting materials that render them safe from the many electrical hazards you encounter.

  • Durable, reinforced, high-tenside ½-wide fiberglass tape
  • Conveniently housed in a compact, closed metal case
  • 100-foot length
  • Printed graduations on one side in feet, inches and 8ths
  • Adjustable hook end for easy one-person measuring over distance
  • Double PVC-coated for greater wear resistance
  • Superior accuracy when tension is applied
  • No temperature correction needed
  • Rugged case and reel
  • Non-conducting materials protect against electrical hazards
  • Fiberglass tapes are durable even when given the roughest treatment possible: trampled underfoot, dragged through mud and
  • Flush folding handle, secured by a push pin
  • Double-throat rollers guide the blade return and prevent twisting of the tape
  • The blade does not interweave when rewound