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Kleen-Bore Military Style Brushes

Kleen-Bore Military Style Brushes


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  • All KleenBore military style brushes are designed specifically for M-16, AR-15, AK-47 and similar rifles
  • The brushes are available in .22/.223/5.56" and .30/7.62mm
  • The chamber brush is configured with two diameters; the first stage of phosphor bronze cleans the chamber area, while the second stage of stainless steel cleans the bolt-lock area
  • Feature core wire looped through a brass coupling that is threaded at #8-36
  • Bore brushes are made of phosphor bronze with a brass wire core for a longer life for rigorous cleaning
  • Please note the #8-36 thread is not commercially standard, but will fit most KleenBore Multi-section rods