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Kochek Low Level Strainer

Kochek Low Level Strainer


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Kochek Strainers are developed utilizing technology to create a superior performance on the job. All of Kochek's strainers from the NEW Bottom Guard Barrel Strainer and Self-leveling Floating Strainers to the High Flowing, Low Level, and Barrel can have Threaded or Storz fittings. The lightest weight, most compact, maximum flow water strainers available today. Constructed of lightweight aluminum, Kochek delivers the biggest punch in the smallest package.


  • Light-weight aluminum alloy
  • Water Transfer Device
  • Drafts down to 2" from bottom
  • Pivoting adjustable elbow
  • Base pan design has additional side walls eliminating tank damage
  • 2 1/2" to 6", internal screen is standard
  • 6" Big Water; external screen standard
  • Meets NFPA Standard