Kroll International Model 1850 Transport Restraint Chains, Nickel


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This Transport Restraint System uses a combination of S & W's Model 1 Universal Handcuff and Model 1900 Leg Irons, both in satin nickel finish.

  • Chain length between cuffs is 32"
  • Opens 12% larger for big wrists and closes 11% smaller for thin wrists, for better security
  • Fabricated from the finest quality carbon steel
  • Manufactured with heat-treated internal lock works
  • Smooth ratchets for swift cuffing
  • Double locks to prevent tampering
  • All S & W restraints meet or exceed demanding U.S. National Institute of Justice tests for workmanship, strength, corrosion and tamper resistance
  • NOTE: Restraints can only be shipped to addresses in the United States and Canada