Kustom Signals Falcon Hr Hand-Held Radar W/ Corded Handle

Kustom Signals Falcon Hr Hand-Held Radar W/ Corded Handle


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Low Power and High Performance. Kustom Signals’ Falcon HR offers the functionality of a high-end radar system at a fraction of the cost. Hand-held or dash mount options allow for flexible operation.


  • Corded handle
  • Stationary operation
  • Direction sensing/selection
  • Fastest vehicle mode
  • Simple interface with LCD graphics
  • Ability to track multiple targets with Digital Signal Processing
  • Available in hand-held or as a dash mounted device
  • Longer battery operating times

Optional Accessories:

  • Battery handle
  • Quick charger in car
  • Pod modular
  • Pod modular w/ wired remote, ICV cables
  • Carrying case
  • Data logger
  • Printer
  • Saddlebag sleeve
  • Locking motorcycle holster


  • Frequency: K-band 24.125GHz (+/- 100MHz)
  • Beam Width: 12 degrees horizontal
  • Operating Voltage:
    • Corded: 10 to 16.5V DC
    • Cordless: 7.2V DC
  • Weight: 2.0 lbs w/ battery handle
  • Speed Accuracy:
    • Stationary: +/- 1 mph
    • Moving: +1/-2 mph
  • Standard Warranty: 2 years
  • IACP Conforming product list