Kustom Signals Golden Eagle Ii Radar

Kustom Signals Golden Eagle Ii Radar


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The Eagle II series from Kustom Signals is sure to fit your department’s needs with its flexible design and classic user interface. With patented innovations, like TruTrak’s VSS interface and Smart Patrol Search (SPS), this highly configurable traffic safety RADAR allows automatic mode switching, eliminating patrol shadowing and combining errors.

The Golden Eagle II has the same features as the Eagle II plus: automatic same lane faster/slower, stopwatch mode, same direction mode, and more. With feature-packed technology, the Eagle II series RADAR displays fastest target quicker than leading competitors.

Patented Features:

  • TruTrak VSS interface – enables Automated Switching between Moving and Stationary modes and virtually eliminates common radar errors like shadowing and combining.
  • Smart Patrol Search – operates when the speedometer input is not connected to reduce shadowing, and combining.


  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Moving/Stationary Doppler radar system
  • Single or dual Ka-band antenna
  • Automatic same lane faster/slower
  • Separable display
  • Stopwatch, fastest vehicle and same direction mode capability (GEII, DGEII)
  • Your choice between a WIRED or WIRELESS remote
  • Moving/Stationary Ka band Doppler radar system
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for tracking multiple targets, greater accuracy and range sensitivity
  • NHTSA conforming product list